The Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society

Her Excellency the President Emeritus, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, expressed her intention to establish a foundation devoted to the promotion of wellbeing immediately on taking office in April 2014. A core team was established to develop an Ethos and Statute reflecting this purpose, and the proposed documentation was shared with the highest authorities for their feedback and recommendations.

The President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society was officially set up by the signing of its Statute on the 25th June 2014, at the President’s Palace in Valletta, in the presence of former Presidents, the Prime Minister, representative of the Leader of the Opposition, Chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika, Rector of the University of Malta, the Attorney General and numerous other distinguished guests.

The Foundation immediately began its work according to the Statute, while focusing on the development of various logistical issues. The experts to chair and lead the research entities and the fora were identified and invited to contribute, and a series of preliminary meetings were held. The members of the Core Team worked on all fronts to establish the structures necessary to provide a framework for the first working President’s Foundation.

The first offices of the Foundation were located in the de Paule suite within San Anton Palace and later temporarily moved to the former Exhibition Rooms. Late in 2014, alternative premises within the Palace were identified, and following extensive renovations, the Foundation moved into its new premises in June 2015.

Since its inception, the President’s Foundation has focused on activities that identify, nurture and promote wellbeing for all. More information on the Foundation may be found at its online portal