The Malta Trust Foundation

Who we are?

The Malta Trust Foundation, established in 2015 by Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President Emeritus of Malta is a structure that has a specific focus.

It aims at assisting and supporting young persons facing particular situations.

This is achieved by taking concrete action through the development of initiatives and programmes that target the empowerment and the psychosocial support of vulnerable groups. This stems from the recognition that there are groups in society that are falling out of existing safety nets.

How does it work?

The President’s Trust brings together renowned and experienced businessmen, academics and professionals from the psychosocial field to make a real and significant impact.

The President’s Trust operates on a projects dimension, where each and every initiative is well-defined, well-researched, costed and planned ensuring that it targets and makes a real difference within existing service gaps and that it is sustainable over the years.

Having a corporate social responsibility framework, the Trust promotes the idea that the private sector contributes to this specific purpose, that is, to assist children and youth in particular to take charge of their own lives and improve their life situation, sharing the responsibility to fight poverty and social exclusion amongst our young population. This entails strong accountability to the sponsors who are supporting these initiatives and to whom the Trust is ever so grateful.

In order to achieve its aims, The President’s Trust enters into partnerships with local and international organisations and bodies. This ensures sound and strong practices and effective responses to social realities.

The fight against poverty and social exclusion lies at the heart of The Malta Trust Foundation.